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NEXTECH PRO APC-OXIDE (Aluminum Oxide Additive)


Slip-resistant additives

We offer a variety of slip-resistant additives for added slip resistance on epoxy and resinous flooring. These additives can be added to a variety of our quality topcoats and offer excellent wear characteristics and chemical resistance. 

At Armortech, we provide the public high quality, commercial grade, professional quality epoxy floor kits that are cost effective, simple to use for the pro or the do it yourselfer. Our epoxy systems are easy to use and can quickly change the look of just about any space for the better. Our products outperform the competition with their superior characteristics and user-friendly attributes. Our high-quality epoxy floor coating kits and countertop kits are easy to apply by just about anyone. And, if you do need help, our professional experienced installers are here with free, unlimited technical support.