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Our Policies

SHIPPING: Since Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. ships its products via common carriers such as Fedex and UPS, sometimes minor damages or delivery issues may occur and are beyond our control, therefore do not schedule contractors or painters until you have received your order correctly and in usable condition, as Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  will not be responsible for ‘lost time’ or other labor issues caused by material shipment delays. Coatings packaged in ‘over boxes’ or ‘over pails’ that contain sealed coatings in the package must be checked prior to starting your project. Please check all orders carefully upon receipt for proper colors and items since Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  will not be responsible for replacement, damages or mis-shipments if not brought to our attention prior to the starting of your project, and allowing us reasonable time to correct any shipping or packing problems. In case of replacement, most coatings cannot be express shipped due to hazmat regulations. Please make sure that personnel are available to accept packages when shipped, as Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. cannot be held responsible for freezing or other weather-related damages to our products for materials left outside if no one is available to receive them.

SHIPPING TO ANOTHER ADDRESS OTHER THAN YOUR BILLING ADDRESS: We understand sometimes you have to ship to your business or another address, and your billing address on your credit card is different. When this happens you must send us a photo of your Drivers License or state issued ID. On a piece of paper, put your drivers license on top of the paper, then give us your order number, billing address, write "In regards to my order #, I'm requesting that you ship my full order to a new address. Write the new address. Print your name, sign and date it. Next, email us the photo to  This process / policy is in place to protect you as the card holder. Thank you very much and we are sorry for any inconvenience this process may cause you. 

COLOR VARIATIONS: Please note that epoxies and industrial type coatings are specialty products, unlike traditional latex or ‘home use’ types of paints and therefore between batches and orders of our products there may be slight color variations, therefore always make sure to order enough product for your project, as Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  may not be able to supply you with additional product from the same matching color batch. Slight color variations between batches and orders are not covered under our warranty. Please note that specialized products such as we carry do not hold colors sometimes between batches, and to color swatches due to the manufacturing process. If, when applying your color it does not look correct, stop immediately and contact us. We suggest to mix (if applicable) and apply a small amount to a test area to assure your satisfaction with the color. Once you have applied the product, if the color is wrong or ‘off’, Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  cannot be responsible if prior testing was not done.

VOC REGULATIONS: Recent changes to environmental laws regulating VOC’s vary widely by state and even within certain states. Canada has recently initiated lower VOC regulations too. Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  reserves the right to substitute ‘lower VOC’ epoxy products or systems of equal to or better quality for online orders. If these substitutions are higher priced, you will be notified. These changes mostly affect our solvent-based products such as our Topcoats amongst others. We will make every attempt to notify purchaser of any substitutions, but Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  is bound by the legal requirements to not ship certain higher VOC products to certain states. Please call or email our office for clarification or verification that your potential purchase can be shipped to your location. We offer a wide range of coatings that can be shipped to all 50 states that would replace any product that was regulated.

PACKAGING: Photos of Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. containers and packaging are representative only and actual containers, exterior labeling and packaging may vary significantly from Online Store or website photos. We do though assure you that all of our products are shipped 100% as described on our website and published technical data. Certain Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. Products are manufactured for us to our specifications by outside manufacturers, and may from time to time get shipped in non-Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. marked containers.

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY FOR SURFACE TESTING: Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  products are sold for specific applications normally for concrete or wood. Application to other types of surfaces such as tile, rubber, laminate, VCT, fiberglass, asphalt, metal, etc may need special preparation methods or primers. Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  always recommends that small test quantities be obtained for testing prior to coating your surfaces to assure that our products to not interact improperly since we cannot be responsible for improper interactions between our products and sub surfaces. Customers should request liquid samples from Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  to determine surface porosity and final finish desired since Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  cannot be responsible for surface texture and porosity conditions in the field which can greatly affect final outcome and finish. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain from us technical data sheets and/or test samples for review to assure no improper interactions with your surfaces. Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. liability is strictly limited to replacement of a like amount of material originally purchased or a refund. Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.  will not be liable for any labor, damages, or other charges as related to the project. Customers are also responsible for doing proper moisture testing on all surfaces to determine that moisture levels do not exceed 3 lbs/1000 sq ft/24 hours. Moisture levels beyond this reading require special moisture barrier pre-application coatings. Contact Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. for details prior to purchasing or applying.

SHIPPING POLICIES: Orders placed online have shipping charges added automatically. Charges will be manually adjusted for any shipments outside of the 48 states. Job on Pallet online orders will have shipping charges added manually.

DISPUTES: Disputes arising from the purchases from  Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. Premium Coatings, Inc. whether by phone or by internet shall be adjudicated in Washington State, Cowlitz County, USA.

All orders shipping to Canada will have additional shipping changes added manually when your order is processed since our website is unable to accurately calculate Canadian shipping fees. Any cross border fees, HST/GST, and other clearance/custom fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Larger projects and quoted jobs, please contact our office for discounted shipping rates, as normally significant savings are available using motor carriers.

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