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Installation Instructions

Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. offers unlimited free telephone and email installing assistance for your project. Below, please find published installation information. If you don’t see what you need, feel free to call or email for more info.

Polyaspartic Flake Garage Floor Installation Instructions PDF

Step-by-step instructions for the installation of our popular polyaspartic decorative flake broadcast system: Polyaspartic flake floors are a popular choice for garage floors, basements and many commercial and industrial applications includes complete instructions for partial, full, or double broadcast applications.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation Instructions PDF

Step-by-step instructions for our popular metallic epoxy floor system: This guide will outline the steps required to create these beautiful and dramatic floors. Multiple designs, looks, and styles can be achieved with metallic flooring using a variety of different colors, application techniques, tools, additives, glitters and pigments and can be topcoated in either a gloss or satin finish.

Solid Color Shop Floor Installation Instructions PDF

Step-by-step installation instructions for our popular solid color shop floor system: These thin mil floors are a great solution for floors that get standard foot traffic and light vehicle traffic. They are used primarily to help brighten an area by reflecting light and to keep the floor clean and shiny. This two-layer, thin mil system is a great choice for floors requiring an attractive, economical, high performance floor.

Decorative Quartz Floor Installation Instructions PDF

Step-by-step instructions for our popular decortive quartz broadcast system: A colored quartz aggregate, or silica sand is broadcast into our premium clear, high solids epoxy binder to create an attractive, slip resistant floor finish that is suitable for most commercial and industrial applications and are the floor of choice for many commercial kitchens. Quartz systems can be built as either a single or double-broadcast system.

Industrial Shop Floor Installation Instructions PDF

Our industrial shop floor system is an extremely durable, high build (18-36 mil), full broadcast (silica sand), solid color epoxy coating system with a tinted polyurethane topcoat. This system is typically installed as a three-layer system and is designed for industrial floor applications where the floor is subject to moderate traffic and chemical exposure and may be installed as a full or double broadcast system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, slip-resistant, high-performance floor over surfaces that have sustained minor damage requiring a moderately thick surface to hide track marks, spalls, and other concrete imperfections.

Bar Top & Countertop Epoxy Use & Instructions PDF

Step-by-step instructions on the use and application of NEXTECH PRO™ APC 100X our commercial grade, premium bar top and countertop epoxy. Engineered specifically for coating bar tops, tabletops and countertops. Our advanced formulation, self-leveling epoxy resin boasts the high gloss shine, reflectivity, clarity and optical qualities demanded from professional installers, hobbyists and DIY project enthusiasts.