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Welcome to Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc.

Armortech Premium Coatings, Inc. is a national distributor of ultra-high-quality epoxy flooring kits, DIY epoxy floor kits, epoxy garage floor kits, epoxy countertop kits and other fluid applied resinous flooring systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our complete job kit approach has gained us a growing clientele of homeowners, name brand clients, military, manufacturing and distribution facilities across the country. Our high-quality epoxy coating products are easy to apply. And, if you do need help or advice, our professional epoxy installers are here with free advice and unlimited technical support.

At Armortech, we offer the most advanced epoxy formulations, resinous epoxy flooring materials, DIY garage floor kits, vertical wall epoxies, countertop epoxy kits and other unique resin applications on the market today. Our mission is not only to supply the best quality, USA made epoxy kits, it is also to inspire creativity and to educate our clients in the proper selection, use, and application of our products. We take this approach, so our clients can confidently tackle any project to enhance not only the look, design and style of their space, but also so they can save both time and money by doing the project themselves, with confidence.

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Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tabletops & Countertops 

Our commercial grade, premium bar top and countertop epoxy is engineered specifically for coating bar tops, tabletops and countertops. Our advanced formulation, self-leveling, APC 100X epoxy resin boasts the high gloss shine, reflectivity, clarity and optical qualities demanded from professional installers, hobbyists and DIY project enthusiasts.

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The trend towards fluid applied epoxies and other resinous floor systems to enhance the look and performance of residential, commercial and industrial spaces has never been greater than it is today. At Armortech Premium Coatings you can learn about the latest fluid applied, resinous epoxy flooring systems, explore product options, get recommendations, find ideas and tips, as well as keep up to date on the latest installation techniques and procedures.    

Everyday homeowners, and commercial design professionals are faced with the daunting task of deciding on the right flooring product to meet the needs of their specific project. Overall performance, cost-effectiveness, durability, safety requirements, and design goals are all factors that need to be considered when selecting a flooring system for any of today's high use residential, commercial and industrial applications. One material type that is often overlooked, but that meets a multitude of these requirements is resinous epoxy flooring.

Formulated from a variety of different resins, these epoxy and resinous coating systems have many advantages over other conventional flooring systems. Though categorized by manufacturers as different products, these products are typically comprised of components that include polymeric materials such as epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, and polyaspartic coatings, as well as exterior grade elastomeric coatings. All of these fluid applied, poured in place, and cast in place systems have many advantages over traditional systems over a wide range of common applications.

Benefits of resinous epoxy coatings:

Common epoxy applications:

Easy to clean & maintain Garage floors Condominiums
Light reflectivity Industrial shops Schools & Universities
Seamless; anti-microbial, hygienic  Hospitality Distribution centers
Excellent wear characteristic Retail locations Commercial 
Excellent stain and chemical resistance High-end residential Hotels
High compressive strength  Manufacturing facilities Parking structures
Impact resistance Mechanical rooms Balconies & sun decks
Vast array of color choices Medical & laboratory facilities Pedestrian walkways
Easily customizable design styles Basements and many more...








Armortech Premium Coatings is a national distributor of ultra-high-quality US and North American made epoxy flooring kits, vertical wall resins, bar top and countertop epoxy kits. We offer a complete line of pre-assembled DIY epoxy floor kits, complete epoxy garage floor kits, designer metallic epoxy floor kits, as well as a variety of industrial shop floor kits and other fluid applied resinous flooring systems for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

Our complete job kits are designed for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers and include step by step instructions and everything you’ll need to do your project right the first time. Choose from one of our pre-assembled complete job kits based on square footage, use, and budget. Our high-quality epoxy coating products are easy to apply by just about anyone.

Experience the Armortech difference

We know that you have many choices when selecting an epoxy floor coating, but not all epoxy coatings are created equal or yield the same quality of results as ours do. Our epoxy product line has been meticulously engineered and formulated by a team with over three decades of experience in the epoxy and concrete floor coating industry, our products are manufactured in the United States and Canada with premium components for superior results.

At Armortech, we provide the public high quality, commercial grade, professional quality epoxy that is freshly made, simple to use, and cost effective. When you buy epoxy from us, you get the freshest US and Canadian made epoxy for the best possible price. Our epoxy coating systems can change the look of just about any space for the better. Our products outperform the competition with their superior characteristics and user-friendly attributes. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly professional installers are here to help with free, unlimited technical support.

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